May 24, 2019

Food for the body, Dignity for the soul

There is polluted water, polluted food; everything around us is defiled,” said Mofida, mother of six.

Food and water security are critical issues in Palestinian refugee camps. Recently, UPA distributed food vouchers to 150 families, including Mofida’s, in two refugee camps in Jordan. A similar initiative is underway in Lebanon. The food vouchers allow recipients to choose their own food from the local markets.

“We are human beings, and we want to choose our own food,” said Mofida. “That’s what makes your initiative unique.”

Such initiatives strive to uphold the dignity of the beneficiaries. Mofida recalls the humiliation she faced at three years of age when she and her family were forced to leave Gaza in 1967. Arriving in Jordan and living in tents on a site later to be identified as Gaza Camp, she recalls her journey:

I have never forgotten the trucks that we were crowded in as if we were boxes in a shipping container,” said Mofida. “Nor have I forgotten my mother’s trembling voice trying to comfort me and my brother, saying ‘Don’t worry my child, don’t be afraid. We’ll be back soon.’ ”

That day is yet to come.

We know you won’t sit idle as we all await that promised day.

Join UPA’s family in embracing the shared humanity with fellow Palestinians by making a gift to UPA today. Every donation counts and no gift is too small.

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Thank you for giving generously during this holy month of Ramadan.

With hope,

Saleem F. Zaru
Executive Director

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